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  • Brews News: Pride edition

      Queers and Beers turns 3 Vancouver’s favourite LGBTQ+ craft beer night kicks off Pride week this Sunday, July 30, at The Cobalt (and the neighbouring Boxcar Bar) with tons of craft beers and ...

  • Persephone Brewing pins survival hopes on NDP

    With the NDP and Greens assuming power this week in Victoria, BC brewers and hop farmers are “cautiously optimistic” that changes are coming to an ill-conceived provincial policy that makes it ...

  • Brews News: Fernie tasting room reopens; Kettle River turns 1; Red Truck goes country

    Fernie Brewing’s new tasting room opens After a three-month closure, Fernie Brewing’s tasting room reopened this week, much to the relief of many a-thirsty Fernian (Fernite? Fern?) With the new ...

  • Contract brewing looks to help “homeless” breweries

    Contract brewing is part of the beer business that most people know little about. The idea is simple: rather than build your own brewing facility, you pay an existing brewery that has excess ...

  • The Growler guide to Tacoma’s beer scene

      Beer makes people do strange and unexpected things. Things like spend a few soggy days and nights in Tacoma, Wash. The enjoyably gritty port town on south Puget Sound doesn’t attract the ...

  • Does beer have terroir?

    The concept of terroir and its influence are enthusiastically debated in the wine world. Very few of the beer geeks I asked cared one whit about terroir, and hadn’t even given it a thought before ...

  • Brews News: Summer fun!

    Liver, don’t fail me now! There’s no shortage of fantastic craft beer events taking place across B.C. this weekend. Things kicks off on Friday with the Tapped Craft Beer Festival at Mount ...

  • Celebrate Canada Day with these 150-themed craft beers

    It’s Canada’s birthday, so it’s a great time to crack open a craft beer and reflect on 150 years of maple syrup, hockey and the systematic oppression of our Aboriginal population. If you’re a ...

  • The forecast is hazy this summer

    Cloudy beers have started to fill glasses in tap houses and brewery tasting rooms, but we’re not talking about German hefeweizens or Belgian witbiers. Instead, these opaque beers are a newish ...

  • Brewer Vs Brewer: The Homebrewer Edition

    Over the course of the last few years, Brewer vs. Brewer has interviewed some of the best professional craft brewers in the province. But what about the thousands of homebrewers out there? Just ...

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BC Craft Breweries

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