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  • 10 Best Breweries in BC, Ranked

    The Growler turns two this coming Monday, birthed the day I published my first weekly column for Westender. A lot has changed in the beer world since then. The local industry has grown rapidly. ...

  • You’ve Been Served: More bizarre liquor laws!

    For the first 50 years of post-Prohibition beer swilling in B.C., the Government Liquor Act ensured no one enjoyed themselves too much; the laws were as strict as they were bizarre. That changed ...

  • The Growler Guide to upcoming breweries

    We at The Growler were under the impression that the swell of new brewery openings had subsided. That the boom had already taken place, and the industry was ready to level off, so beer lovers ...

  • RECIPE: Longwood Stoutnik braised beef short ribs

    This recipe is the first in a running collaboration with The Growler and Park Place Productions & Events. This is how you cook short ribs, folks. We’re launching our new recipe series with ...

  • The hand that rocks the label

    Richard Hatter had a difficult job and he knew it. His firm, Hired Guns, had been tapped to redesign the label for Fat Tug, one of B.C.’s most influential beers – and one that already had an ...

  • Gluten for Punishment

    As a ruggedly handsome 43-year-old man with a lustrous ginger beard, an open-minded palate, near-perfect digestion and guts of iron, I have never had an issue with gluten. If I could make love to ...

  • Know your freaky hangover cures, people

    First, there was alcohol. And it was good. Then – likely the next morning – came the nauseous, head-pounding hangover. And it was very bad. For thousands of years, different cultures all over the ...

  • The Growler guide to Portland

    There’s too bloody much to do in Portland. You might know this. If not…dude. Every district has a dozen little neighbourhoods, all of which are self-contained with every kind of restaurant ...

  • Beer tastes just fine out of the can, thank you very much

    “Cans? Are you crazy?” If you, like me, have used this as your rallying cry – if you have spent the past few years scoffing at canned beer’s highly inferior taste, decrying its proponents as ...

  • Where’s Surrey’s beer scene, dude?

    Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but B.C.’s craft beer boom has been consistent across the province. Smaller, more remote communities such as Cumberland, Invermere and Terrace have all staked a ...

BC Craft Breweries Craft Beer BC Breweries In BC BC Breweries BC Craft Beer

BC Craft Breweries

Craft Beer BC

Breweries In BC

BC Breweries

BC Craft Beer